Technical Springs –
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The topics on this page present a wide variety of products in the field of technical springs. In addition to the many different shapes and designs of these technical components, you will also find further topics about production and production, individual solutions as well as requirements, tasks and areas of application of technical springs. It's all in the mix. Be inspired by the wide range of topics.

Career on the lawn

tennis court
Big stage for small springs: Technical springs from Möglingen are even present on television.

Clamping springs

spring for clamping
Clamping springs are used to ensure a firm hold: Movable components can be locked using a mechanical clamping device in the form of a metal spring. Thus, clamping springs are often an indispensable design element.

Special springs

Special springs as a custom-made product
Special springs require a lot of technical know-how in order to equip the end products with all the properties that are needed in use.

Stainless steel retaining clips

Retaining Clips Manufacturing
In many areas of technology, in the automotive or aviation industry, in medical technology, electrical engineering or in the tool sector, it happens again and again that certain parts have to be held or fixed.

Metal springs

metal spring
Although metal springs are not the focus of many technical applications, they are nonetheless indispensable design elements. The demands on the springs are diverse and individual. Metal springs often have to solve several tasks at the same time, which is why standard springs available from stock are often not sufficient and special solutions are required instead.

Austenitic steel for spring technology

Austenitic steel in spring technology
Austenitic steels are used in many branches of industry and, in the group of stainless steels, have a total global consumption of around 70%. Austenitic steels are best known under the name chromium-nickel steels. Austenitic steel is the most common of the stainless steels.

Durability of technical springs

Durability and fatigue strength for technical springs
Technical springs are spring steel components whose function is to deform elastically. They give way under stress and absorb force, which they release again when relaxed and allow them to return to their original shape. A look at the determinants of spring durability...

Fix and position with spring steel clips

Spring steel clip made of stainless steel
Proven a million times over, spring steel clips are used wherever components need to be positioned, fixed, combined or locked. The possible uses are therefore almost universal. In the tool industry, aviation, the automotive industry, in the electrical and electronics industry and in many other areas.

Strength of form springs

stress and strain diagram
It is not just a question of cost-effectiveness, but also of sustainability when a high strength of form springs and thus a long service life in continuous operation is expected.