Technical Springs –
information and background

What awaits you here?

The topics on this page present a wide variety of products in the field of technical springs. In addition to the many different shapes and designs of these technical components, you will also find further topics about production and production, individual solutions as well as requirements, tasks and areas of application of technical springs. It's all in the mix. Be inspired by the wide range of topics.

Metal springs

metal spring
Although metal springs are not the focus of many technical applications, they are nonetheless indispensable design elements. The demands on the springs are diverse and individual. Metal springs often have to solve several tasks at the same time, which is why standard springs available from stock are often not sufficient and special solutions are required instead.

Torsion springs – widespread and highly efficient

Torsion springs with torque
Probably the best-known use of a torsion spring is the torsion bar, a torsion bar that was invented by Ferdinand Porsche and patented by him in 1931...