Flat springs and shaped springs

Examples of individually manufactured flat springs

Individual solutions

Many of our customers do not approach us with a specific product request, but rather with a task. We would be happy to help you find exactly the right solution for your requirements. Just get in touch with us if you Flat springs in special designs require. We look forward to your inquiry!

Do you already have a rough idea of what your flat spring should look like, or at best do you already have a sketch or a CAD drawing? You know what you need, we take care of the rest. Send us your sample or drawing, we will optimize the flat spring that is right for you and work with you to choose the right material, the right production technology and the processing of the surface.

High-quality flat springs and shaped springs

Types of springsStraight flat springs, shaped flat springs, disc-shaped flat springs, special flat spring solutions
MaterialsSteel, spring steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.
Widths1.00 mm – 270 mm
Strengthen0.10 mm – 3.0 mm
QuantitySample and one-off production, small and large series.
Manufacturing engineeringLasering, embossing, punching, bending, grinding, assembling.
Surface technologyTrowalizing, phosphating, blackening, galvanizing and painting.

In the field of flat springs and shaped springs, we work with different materials depending on the requirements. Steel and spring steel are just as important as stainless steel and various non-ferrous metals. Tailored exactly to your needs, we produce small and large series as well as sample and one-off products.

Our production

As with all products, you can also rely on the proven quality of our modern production facility when it comes to the production of flat springs and shaped springs. All springs are made to measure. Due to the fully automatic production and the continuous test controls we guarantee a highest possible part precision and repeatability. This is ensured not only by our experienced and committed employees, but also by high-quality quality management – starting with the selection of suppliers through to the exact adherence to delivery dates.

Further processing and surface technology

There are many options for further processing and surface treatment available for your flat springs. In this way, the components can be supplemented with additional functions.

Further Processing
We are happy to laser, emboss, punch or bend your flat springs and shaped springs or grind and assemble them.

Surface Treatment
In the field of surface technology, we offer vibratory finishing or Trowalizing® as well as phosphating, blackening, galvanizing and painting.

We can also produce other surfaces on request.

Flat springs in action

Whether for medical technology, the automotive industry, aerospace, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or many other sectors – the range of applications for flat and shaped springs is particularly varied. Depending on where they are to be used and what requirements they will have to meet in the future, flat springs are either manufactured using a pure bending or stamping process or by laser cutting and subsequent forming by bending, embossing or deep-drawing.

The right flat spring for you

If you don't have a clear idea of what your feather should look like...
We design and build the right flat spring for you, contact us at +49 7141 / 49192-0.

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    Important: Please make sure that the dimensions on your sketches are also clearly legible. The larger and more meaningful the data you send us, the faster we can give you specific information.


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    Your technical spring is already ready for series production and you need a refill quickly? Use our express delivery. You will receive your custom-made springs just 24 hours after component testing. Express delivery is also possible for specific components.

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    It's just a small step for Schaaf, but a big advantage for the customer. New at Schaaf: the Bihler GRM NC servo stamping and forming machine. New tools can be implemented more easily and quickly. You benefit from very short set-up and implementation times.

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