Contact springs

Examples of individually manufactured contact springs

Contact spring with individual geometries

Contact springs, also called spring contacts are contact elements that are primarily used in the electronics industry, for example when testing printed circuit boards, connectors and other components. You can also find contact springs in battery chargers or battery compartments of mobile devices.

The function of closing a circuit is achieved here by touching spring-loaded elements and not, as is the case with plugs, by inserting pins into a socket. This opens up a large number of individual geometries that are necessary for reliable contacting.

When it comes to contact springs, quality counts

The use of contact springs in the area of Testing high-quality electronic assemblies places the highest demands on quality and reliability. The ohmic resistance must be as low as possible, but at the same time remain constant over the long term. The longevity of the spring, which must also have a constant spring force, is also important. Added to this is the requirement to be dirt-repellent and to avoid any adhesions that could impair contact.

Not superficial at the surface

Only good electrical conductors can be used as materials for a good contact spring. However, the surface coating is just as important to improve electrical conductivity and protect against corrosion and oxidation. As a contact spring manufacturer, we master the keyboard of materials and surfaces, and can thus guarantee the exceptional quality of our contact springs.

By considering all the determining factors, durability, conductivity, reliability and surface quality, we at Schaaf find one customer-oriented solution that also impresses with its cost-effectiveness. We are happy to develop these sustainably efficiently in cooperation with the customer. A correspondingly high added value is already established in the phase of joint development.

Your contact for the best contact springs

Due to the many years of varied experience with contact springs in our development department, we can offer high-quality solutions for a wide variety of applications. A modern machine park supports the range of our possibilities, which also includes contacting in environments with high tolerances.

Good idea? Simply send us your feather idea!

Send us your sample or drawing and we will develop and optimize the contact spring that is right for you and choose the right material, the right manufacturing technology and the processing of the surface. This is how your individually sustainable contact spring solution is created.

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