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Steel springs

Examples of individually manufactured steel springs

The steel spring as an all-rounder

Steel springs are being used more and more often and often replace old connection techniques or can already demonstrate all their advantages in new designs. Since multiple tasks can often be solved simultaneously by a steel spring and the design usually results in an optimization of weight and space, is the steel spring is a popular construction element.

Steel springs as a cost-effective alternative

Since the selection of materials can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements, there are many areas of application here and complete the existing options of a designer. Because of numerous manufacturing methods product can then be created that maintains a good balance between the required technical application and the manufacturing costs. Furthermore, the steel nib has the option of being given an additional surface coating either through the right choice of material or at the end of the production process, which results either from technical necessities or the optical requirements of the user.

The right steel spring for you

Send us your sample or drawing, as a steel spring manufacturer we will optimize the right technical spring for you. Together with you, we choose the right material, the right production technology and the processing of the surface.

If you don't have a clear idea of what your feather should look like...
We design and build the right steel spring for you, contact us at +49 7141 / 49192-0.

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    EXPRESS delivery for your springs

    24 hour spring express

    Your technical spring is already ready for series production and you need a refill quickly? Use our express delivery. You will receive your custom-made springs just 24 hours after component testing. Express delivery is also possible for specific components.

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    Bihler GRM NC

    It's just a small step for Schaaf, but a big advantage for the customer. New at Schaaf: the Bihler GRM NC servo stamping and forming machine. New tools can be implemented more easily and quickly. You benefit from very short set-up and implementation times.

    • Fast feasibility statement
    • Clearly structured construction
    • Fast, efficient manufacturing
    • Highly productive, precise production


    Last minute with unlimited process reliability at the same time - simply manufacture more productively.
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