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Technical springs for pulling, pushing, holding, clamping and making contact!

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Examples of custom designed springs

We produce technical springs as well as stamped and bent parts

Do you already have a rough idea of what your component should look like or, at best, do you already have a sketch or a CAD drawing?

You know what you need, we'll take care of the rest. Send us your sample or drawing, we'll optimize the right technical spring for you and choose it together with you suitable material, the right production technology and the processing of the surface.

High quality solutions for every need

Flat springs and shaped springs
Our state-of-the-art and high-performance machinery enables us to offer a wide variety of individual flat springs and shaped springs from large series to one-off production.
BlattfederLeaf springs
The techniques we use to create each leaf spring range from stamping and embossing to grinding and lasering. When it comes to surface technology, you can choose between different options for processing our tailor-made leaf springs.
FederklammerSpring clips
The advantage of spring clips is usually the flexible handling. The ability to quickly assemble and disassemble a spring clip and the component to be clamped is one of the most important factors.
KontaktfederContact springs
Our contact springs are available in a variety of materials such as steel, spring steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals. We also offer various surface finishing processes such as galvanizing, painting, blackening, phosphating or tumbling.
StahlfederSteel springs
Due to numerous manufacturing methods, we can manufacture steel springs in the most varied of forms, which maintain a good balance between the required technical application and the manufacturing costs.
Feder für BaugruppenfertigungAssembly manufacturing
Whether plastic or stainless steel: the components can be made of a wide variety of materials and take on exactly the shape that allows them to be wonderfully integrated or used.
Feder als SonderanfertigungIndividual solutions
Customers are often not so much looking for a specific product as for a solution to a problem. We will develop exactly the right solution for you based on your requirement profile.
ZugfederTension springs, Compression springs, Torsion springs
Depending on the requirement, we offer springs made from patented drawn spring steel wire of types C and D as well as from rustproof spring steel wire (material no. 1.4310). The available wire diameters are between 0.2 mm and 18.0 mm.

Individual spring technology

Are you not looking for a specific product but for a solution to your problem? Have you developed a product and need several components to be connected? A technical spring is the solution. If you still don't have a clear idea of what this should look like, you can rely on our developers. The more specific the requirement, the better that is Mario Schaaf Technical Springs' motto. Send us your development order - we will design and build your component.

In the pictures on the right you can explore examples of the innovative spring technology of our developers

More information about our springs
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    Two parts used to be necessary, now the part can be made in one piece. Everything is mapped in one tool. No additional centering and positioning stations are needed anymore. In addition, the parts are welded in a simple spot welding operation.

    The shutter used to consist of two parts. Before the adjustment, two tools and a complex periphery were needed to marry the two parts together.

    Before the optimization, the feet were only designed for one sheet metal thickness. Thanks to the inclined position, sheet thicknesses of 0.4 to 1.0 mm can now be snapped and closed.

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    Due to the basic strength of the material, the housing offers a certain level of protection against drilling, since it can only be damaged or drilled through with HSS drills with considerable effort.

    Before the optimization, the housing consisted of several parts. The springs and lugs were elaborately riveted on. Here, attention had to be paid to the surface during each work step, as this is still being printed and must not have any scratches.

    When a plug is not in use, it can remain in the flat position in the housing. However, if it is needed, it can be easily and precisely bent to the desired angle thanks to the release.

    By releasing the bending edges, the fitter can increase the preload or the spring force for an assembly adjustment if necessary without bending or damaging the housing.

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    Basic modules are fastened and held without tools so that sensors and connectors can be changed without dismantling. Should the basic module nevertheless have to be exchanged, the entire unit is unclipped, the basic module exchanged and then completely clipped onto the pipe holder, which does not have to be moved or dismantled.

    When inserted, the sensor housing automatically locks in place due to the spring preload and thus brings the sensor into position.

    Tool-free assembly for a secure hold on the pipe. The pipe holder is mounted without possibly damaging the sensor or the cables.

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Quality, customer orientation and sustainable success

Our modern quality management system is geared towards the satisfaction of our customers. With certification according to ISO 9001:2015 and through continuous improvements to our products and internal processes, we meet the highest quality standards for a wide variety of industries. In addition, we are constantly developing our quality management system.

Each technical spring product from our production is individually developed and manufactured by us as a precision part. In addition to an extensive final inspection, we also rely on the automatic Production monitoring.