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Each leaf spring is unique

Examples of individually manufactured leaf springs

Typical uses of a leaf spring

A leaf spring creates the connection between components in which different forces are required: for example holding, pulling, pressing or clamping. In addition, leaf springs as spring contacts also produce electrical contacts. Since these functions can overlap - the spring in a normal flashlight holds the battery and closes the circuit at the same time - unambiguous assignments are difficult to determine.

According to the different functions, general 4 categories of leaf springs differentiate:

High quality leaf springs

Materials:Steel, spring steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.
Widths:1.00 mm – 270 mm
Strengthen:0.10 mm – 3.0 mm
Quantity:Sample and one-off production, small and large series.
Manufacturing engineering:Lasering, embossing, punching, bending, grinding, assembling.
Surface technology:Trowalizing, phosphating, blackening, galvanizing and painting.

...other surfaces on request.

No leaf spring is like the other

Although you don't necessarily see it at first glance, the leaf spring is the result of complicated calculations and careful material selection using extensive technical know-how. be taken into account Requirements in terms of weight, size and electrical conductivity as well as, for example, an exact balance of forces to hold components in a specific position. It is always a special geometry that takes the complex requirement profile into account.

Since leaf springs are usually used in industrial and commercial areas, particularly high demands are placed on their robustness, reliability and durability. This problem is also included in the development of a technical spring.

Schaaf tests leaf springs 100,000 times in individual cases

An example of maximum robustness in a sensitive area are tubes for blood collection. As different as the diameters of the ampoules and tubes are, they all have to fit into trays with the same size compartments. A tube must neither wobble nor stand crooked, even if it already has the third label applied quickly by hand.

Schaaf's special retaining spring is tested for these requirements with 100,000 strokes!

To put it bluntly, in our high-tech world, you don't find leaf springs, you look for them!

Although there are thousands of different designs, it is almost impossible to solve your own design problem with a standard spring. This is where Schaaf comes in and overbids 30 years of experience in solution competence for technical springs.

Universal and individual – leaf springs from Schaaf

Whether it is about a special option for a cost-effective wheel suspension for a commercial vehicle or a special spring geometry for the circuit board test: the high-quality solution usually comes from our company. We develop custom-made products together with our customers, which are realized with one of the most modern machine parks. A wide variety of materials such as spring steel, steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals are processed.

The techniques we use in our quality production range from stamping and embossing to grinding and lasering. In surface technology, you can choose between different options for the processing of our tailor-made leaf springs: You can choose from phosphating as well as vibratory finishing (Trowalizing®), galvanizing, painting and blackening. In the end there is always one thing: The high-quality, reliable and sustainable solution to your problem!

Individuality in series

At Mario Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG, we are at our customers' side as an experienced partner, and not only in the manufacture of large-scale series products. Our professional support in the planning, development and manufacture of highly individualized solutions and prototypes for a wide range of applications is also valued.

You have the idea for a leaf spring - we implement it!

Each leaf spring can be manufactured to your specific requirements. So we listen carefully and ask questions. If you also provide us with a sample or your drawing, the case is already on the way to a solution. We work with you to select the right material, the appropriate manufacturing technology and the surface treatment to be considered, and optimize the technical spring that is right for you. It's that easy with Schaaf!

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