Specialists in problem-solving strategies

Small springs, big effect. Hidden inconspicuously inside, technical springs are an integral part of everyday life. They run engines, fly airplanes, work electrical appliances and close closet doors. And the little all-rounders can do a lot more: Hold, clamp, press, contact: A spring is the perfect connection solution and is cheaper and faster than a screw.

What What may appear unspectacular on the surface may, on closer inspection, turn out to be the solution to a highly complicated problem. At Mario Schaaf Technische Federn, more than ten years of experience in problem-solving skills are paired with the desire for unusual construction and driven by the absolute goal of finding the optimal solution.

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  • Mrs. Dolata is the contact person at Mario Schaaf

  • Spring strip steel comes off the roll for production

  • Quality assurance of a spring

  • Length measurement with calipers

  • Machine settings in spring production

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  • Production step in the manufacture of springs

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  • Entrance area of Mario Schaaf's production facility

  • Mario Schaaf's production site in Möglingen

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  • Management Mr. Maximilian Schaaf

As a metalworking specialist company, Mario Schaaf manufactures technical springs of every specification. The offer ranges from flat, leaf and form springs to bent wire parts of all kinds and complex assemblies. Flat spring components, complex, three-dimensionally curved shapes or rotationally symmetrical bent parts are just a part of the portfolio, custom-made products are the specialty of the family company based in Möglingen.

Whether it is a hand sample or a prototype, large or small quantities, a highly complicated custom-made product or a complex assembly: Mario Schaaf Technische Federn reacts individually and flexibly to your requirements. Together we will develop a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs. With express delivery, products can be produced and delivered within 24 hours.

Top quality is a matter of course. This does not only apply to the finished product. The company's quality assurance begins with the selection of well-known suppliers and the conscientious control of incoming goods and continues with the immediate processing of your order and compliance with exact delivery dates. Mario Schaaf Technische Federn combines the quality requirements of large manufacturers with the flexibility of small companies. Individuality is the top priority - regardless of whether it is about solving a specific technical problem or agreeing on payment terms and delivery times that are individually tailored to your needs.


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Ms. Schaaf: Work preparation and sales
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Maximilian Schaaf
Mr. Schaaf: Management
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Felix Kautz
Mr. Kautz: Construction
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Purchasing Management
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High-tech & craftsmanship

Complicated development or fast series production in large quantities - Mario Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG has the solution for every technical spring.

Highly efficient fully automated production

The unique, fully automatic tool is manufactured in the ultra-modern machine park, with which technical springs of all types are economically produced in large quantities. In large series production we offer our customers a complete service for their products. From development and design, through preparation to complete series production.

Real handwork

The diversity of the world of feathers

All metallic materials can be processed in the machine park, from stainless steel and non-ferrous metals to special steels with special temperature, strength and magnetism properties. Material thicknesses of 0.1 to 3.0 mm are processed. The capacity of the machines ranges from 3 to 300 mm in width and from 1 to 1000 kilo Newtons in terms of tonnage.

Don't rack your brains when it comes to difficult requirements! We advise you, develop and optimize the right technical spring for you and select the right material and the right production technology. This is how your individually sustainable spring solution is created.

Managing director Mr. Maximilian Schaaf

Our success story

For more than two decades, Mario Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG has stood for the highest quality and precision in all types of technical springs - whether leaf springs, flat springs, shaped springs, spring contacts or clamping claws.

Since the beginning of 1993, Mario Schaaf has stood as a guarantor for the successful development as a medium-sized problem solver for his customers.

1993 Founding
Mario Schaaf founded the company in Weilimdorf, a suburb of Stuttgart. 150 square meters are rented, at that time still on the mezzanine floor.
1994 First hire
Hiring of the first permanent employee, who actively contributes to the company's success as a part-time employee until her well-deserved retirement in 2015 and today.
1996 Growth
The growth continues. With the move to Gerlingen, the production area is increased to 300 square meters.
1997 Number of employees in double digits
The tenth employee is hired.
1998 The new Building
Success takes its toll and the search for new premises begins. There are no suitable rental properties. After careful examination, the go-ahead is given to purchase a piece of land and the new building begins.
2000 The move
With the new millennium, the company building in Möglingen is occupied. More than 800 square meters of production and office space are now available.
2000 - 2007 Customer growth
The quality, precision and delivery reliability are being honored by more and more new customers.
2007 Second construction phase
The construction area is almost doubled. Effective immediately, Rainer Götze will strengthen the management as an additional managing partner. The conversion into a GmbH & Co.KG makes this step easier. Another important milestone is reached with the development and prototype department. Schaaf Federn is now represented in all relevant sectors.
2009 Slowed growth
Even the economic crisis can only slow down growth temporarily, but not stop it.
2011 Further growth
The starting level before 2009 has already been reached and exceeded again.
2012 - 2013 Investment for more production
With massive investments, processes are standardized and automated. Now several million complex parts can be developed and manufactured quickly and efficiently up to the prototype. To this end, technical methods as well as organization and structure are constantly being improved.
2014 Industry 4.0
Schaaf Federn is preparing for Industry 4.0 with investments in machines and software.
2021 Generational change
After many years of successful company management by Mr. Mario Schaaf and Mr. Reiner Götze, active management of the company was handed over to Mr. Maximilian Schaaf in 2021. Ms. Leonie Schaaf will also help shape and continue future developments.

The success story continues