Technical springs in medical technology

Application of technical springs in medical technology

In modern medical technology, a wide variety of equipment is used, such as dialysis machines or medical measuring technology - instruments that are dependent on technical springs for their operation. The hidden helpers ensure trouble-free operation unnoticed.

As different as the diameters of the ampoules and tubes for taking blood can be, they all have to fit into trays with the same size compartments. A tube must neither wobble nor stand crooked, even if it has the third label. Even if it is pulled out of the tray and put back in again for the umpteenth time. And even during a long period of use, the labeling of the tube must not be damaged by the hidden helpers, the springs.

Diagnosis: Indisputable!

Medical laboratories therefore trust the quality of Schaaf. Finally, our special retaining spring is tested for these requirements, and this unbelievable 100,000 times! One more example of maximum safety from Schaaf.

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