Technical Springs –
information and background

What awaits you here?

The topics on this page present a wide variety of products in the field of technical springs. In addition to the many different shapes and designs of these technical components, you will also find further topics about production and production, individual solutions as well as requirements, tasks and areas of application of technical springs. It's all in the mix. Be inspired by the wide range of topics.

Spring calculation

Springs are calculated precisely
In order to produce technical springs with sustainable functionality, calculations must be carried out very precisely. And the spring calculation is not entirely without it.

Mounts without screws or tools

Spring technology for brackets without screws or tools
There is hardly an industry in which special brackets are not required at a certain point of a specific application, which should act as a clamp, fastening or contact and must meet very individual criteria.

Individual spring construction or standard

Individual spring construction is a specialty of Mario Schaaf technical springs
A certain question always arises when it comes to the efficiency of a product to be built, a system or generally the realization of a technical project: Where do I get standard components and where do I get the individually manufactured component?